Friday, April 13, 2012


Today I turn 40 on the April Friday the 13th :-) and it's a glorious sunshiny morning thus far! I was able to swing the weekend off (very difficult) and am going away with my handsome hubby and another couple (dear friends of ours) to just celebrate and have a good time!

Aging is a wonderful blessing and culmination of all that I've been through and learned and a look forward what more wonders I will experience. I have yet to hit an age where I've become sad or depressed. I celebrate my gray hairs and laugh lines!! Of course the HMS joints aren't a joy but I'm definitely much more fortunate than many suffering from this same ailment. I can walk, dance and carry my grandbaby around. LIFE IS GOOD!

I love that there is still so much more to love and apply to my understanding. I have been really moving around freely in the "this I believe" content especially in my "religious" or should I say "relig-ish" beliefs or lack of. I still love the term Pagan and I still celebrate the Christian traditions I was raised with. But more and more I recognize and honor the complex and beautiful natural ways of the world we live in, the universe we live in! For me there's still a feel of Divine moving about maybe not in a figure but in an understanding of connection of how the universe works, with which I have great respect and honor for. I don't know it's a work in progress but I find I change, evolve and smile a little more each and every day.

My thoughts on love and the human being has been in constant evolution for about 15 years now. I read a great article with the Genderbread man that really nails it for me because I haven't the words to explain what I see and how I understand. But in short I believe in attraction and love and that humans share that with other humans in so many different ways and  all are good as long as no one is being harmed.

Other than all of my life revelations, things are great. Spring has sprung, my youngest has a move out date (mid May), the bird feeder is in full effect in the backyard (makes my morning to see the birdies and squirrelies play in the yard), I have a full spring/summer planned with charity walks, rallies of different kinds, gatherings with friends, movies movies and more movies, workshops ... just life in abundance.

BUT my studying needs to kick back into full time gear... it's difficult when you work as much as I am now but as soon as May gets hear and our 2 full time clerks are on my schedule will go back to part time and I will not only have more space and quiet in my home but a lot more time to enjoy it! Studying, sacred space and home improvements will return making my home the new haven for 2 and the animals. So many adjustments to be made I know I will miss my daughter and the grandbaby but they are only 5 minutes away by car and I'm sure I will see them regular just like her big sister.

I wish you all peace and joy in all you do