Monday, July 2, 2012

mmm a little work rant

Hello :-)

What a day. It started with smile at 4am as I rose for work. Mondays are a very heavy volume day so you have to start in a good place. I got to work on time, one of the other coworkers was there when I got there. Unfortunately the 3rd one wasn't yet and that's how things started to turn sour for me.

Saturday who ever works and closes knows because I say it over and over and over again how important it is to make sure that all is taken care of, finished and set up for Monday morning because whoever is opening have a LOT to do and it's stressful to have to clean up from Saturday a much slower day where it is easy to get everything done and set up. For this reason I do not leave Saturdays until the place is in tip-top shape because I don't want the stress for myself on Monday and if I'm off, not for anyone else either.

So imagine how pissed unhappy I was to walk into a catastrophe on top of a shit-ton of mail! :-/ And the person responsible hadn't showed up yet because they moseyed in 20 minutes late? Yes I was a little toasty and well. I sorta let them have it. In the most non-threatening way I could. I'm very good at pointing out what should have happened and asking what did happen to get an idea without sounding like I'm jumping your arse, but I was. I really really was. I pretty much stated how stressful it is to come into a completely unorganized mess with a lot of stuff not finished or put away and clearly not worked now delayed mail. It looks bad on our office, our boss and yes you as an individual who has been here many years and knows exactly what needs to be done. Unfortunately I know the real reason why it wasn't done. This person will not do anything unless you are following them around constantly reminding them and cleaning up after them. In fact my boss just assumes we're all cool with just cleaning up after this person to save him from having to constantly talk to them about what they do or don't do and how this person should know what is expected. Later I talked to my boss after a tiring morning of doing most of the work and constantly re-directing this coworker who has at least 5 years on me doing this job. (grr). yes I'm still a little hot. I told him I'm getting very tired of this vicious cycle, nothing's being done about it though I'm constantly being told they're trying to get this person to "get it" and that I don't get paid to be a supervisor so I shouldn't have to. But if I don't a lot doesn't get done or get's done incorrectly and all of us get "talked" to about it/reprimanded instead of going straight to the source.

He offered to buy me breakfast everyday. In other words. He joked about it and threw his hands up in the air he hasn't a clue what to do.

I have a list of what he can do. It starts with letters of warnings etc followed by suspensions if no change and then the ultimate. Had he done this years ago, his life wouldn't be so stressful. He too said he's really getting worn out with having to go behind and fix things etc. He hasn't a clue what I go through all day finding and sorting through random piles of mail forgotten or mishandled.


I am about finished with my vent I think.

grrrr ugh ... grr!


Affirmation: “I handle difficult situation with calm endurance”

Peace and love

Durga Goddess of Strength