Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday "NO!"

Jamie has a good one for us today

"What do I wish to say 'NO' to?"

What I'm saying is...

I wish I could say "NO" to stress and worries. I'm a mom and a grandmom and well it comes with the territory. For the most part I've learned to trust my children in their life decisions with full support. I make myself available to them if they need to talk anything over get a different point of view with NO judgement!

I wish I could say "NO" to WORK that is working for others. I'm not sure if I have the drive anymore to pursue working for myself. I think I would become a doula and eventually a midwife but right now FEAR (going to add that to my pictorial NO list) has got the best of me the whole what about the future and money etc... 

I wish I could say "NO" to Consumerism. Though I do think I am pretty good about it I know I could save myself even MORE money and time by simplifying my lifestyle.

I wish I could say "NO" to PAIN... UGH!! That's a big one. But dealing with this whole hypermobile joints syndrome and osteoarthritis I'm starting to realize that pain is a part of my daily norm now it's just a matter of how much and what I can do to manage it.

now to add FEAR I want it gone it holds me back WAAAYYYY too often!

Enjoy your day
love and peace

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If I had a nickel every time...

I stated I wish I didn't have to work, I wouldn't have to work.

My job is not a difficult one and it pays well. But it's very physical and does a doozie on my joints and if someone calls in, you're screwed. I miss being able to work a set unchanging schedule with no consequences if someone doesn't come into work and no guilt if you can't make it in. Also I actually enjoy my co-workers and the customers 90% of the time which based on what I hear/read of a lot of people and their job experiences I'm pretty lucky!

Our children are adults now living their own lives and not needing our constant care/guidance. Which usually means a mom wants to get a job, maybe volunteer, etc etc... I don't. I would rather stay home. Redecorate, read books, garden, cook, play my violin, craft... enjoy time with my husband :-) Now the question is, how do I make that happen? With the current state of the postal service I can't say I feel 100% comfortable with my job's future.

Well with all of that out of my system I will continue showing up at work as expected Monday - Saturday with a smile and pain meds in my purse. Hopefully someday I will work out the specifics, or find a new appreciation for my new life as an empty nester.

Peace and love to you all

Friday, August 26, 2011

How do you like your homeless?

Today at work a conversation started up about some of the local homeless who are seen regularly on the streets holding signs. Mostly asking for money, food, work for exchange or just simple personal supplies like soap and towels. A coworker commented about a woman seen recently sitting down, holding up one of these signs and talking on her cell phone. They were appalled that she had a cell phone and was asking for money. Of course I opened my mouth (usually to insert foot, but this time I had a point). I stated that there are companies and programs out there that offer free cell phones and some that offer plans for under $10 a month. She may be able to afford to pay that but rent, bills, groceries, etc are a lot more expensive. It is possible that phone is to keep up with loved ones and sometimes when going through such a hard time you need to be able to reach out, especially if she had children. Also, it's good for emergencies, if you're living on the streets or squatting from place to place you can definitely get into some serious situations. Someone commented that she was talking to her pimp or drug dealer. Which is possible too. But maybe a pimp is her only alternative way to get money and her dealer is her only way to get away from the nightmare she's living in.

It made me think. How do people like their homeless? Smelly, dirty torn clothes, missing teeth, dragging their bodies on the ground begging for food and water? Quiet hidden under bridges so they don't have to see or deal with them? Do we forget that people from any background can end up in this situation? It is possible to run into a homeless person wearing Prada it may be all the clothing they have, but they have it. They be clean, shaven, have good dental health, a cell phone, bike and "gasp!" even a JOB.

There has always been a way to end up without. Without a home and without the funds to acquire a place to stay. No one you can count on to help you out. Possibly a mental, drug or domestic issue that has landed you in a very difficult situation. Is it more difficult for society to want to help you if you look too "nice"?? -- the idea frightens me.

I wish we just helped others out to just help others out. There shouldn't be requirements on what you do with the monies I put in your cup and if I am caught up on that then maybe I should try to help/give if I can by giving food, water, soap, towels. "Get a Job" just doesn't cut it, it may have been easy for you and other people in your circle, but that does not automatically mean it is for EVERYONE. Now especially there are not enough jobs to go around and many companies do not want to hire older folks they want the younger people who will take less pay, less benefits and have more knowledge about how things "work" now. 

So please take the time to think about that person you see who's down on their luck and though it seems like the answers to their woes are easy for you to grasp, don't assume it is for them and that alone is not a reason that they should suffer without basic life necessities and safety.

Light and love
Anna <3

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Woman Am I, Blessed Am I

From the CD Circle of Women
A great chant/song
Today's affirmation

Woman Am I, spirit am I
I am the infinite with in my soul
I have no beginning and I have no end

all this I am
Blessed am I, spirit am I
I am the infinite within my soul
I have no beginning and I have no end
all this I am

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Wish to Enjoy

Today Jamie Ridler asks the question:
     What do you wish to enjoy?

I wish to enjoy meaningful friendships with other women. In my life close friendships and time spent with other women, scratch that, other like-minded women with similar interests is very important. The need to just sit and sip tea and talk about life with a common interest and enthusiasm, and to have the comfort with each other to allow total informality. To go on mini-adventures together, laugh about our sagging boobs and graying hairs, reassure each other how hot we still are while shopping in the mall with all of those youngins, LOL!

I do believe I don't always allow myself to be totally open and available but, I also have had a hard time allowing myself to meet new and different people. There are a lot of like minded folks out in my community that are my age or so whom I know I would enjoy getting to know but then that fear of rejection or fear of  being mis-understood creeps in. I spend too much time allowing people who just don't get me to speak into my life/world their views and understandings that often clash with my own. Which leaves me feeling inadequate and odd.

I allow myself from this point on to be happy in my skin and open and available to make new friends, meet new people and lead new adventures.

light and love