Friday, May 2, 2014

Gonna wash that gray right outta...?

Two weeks ago, I purchased a box of hair dye with the idea of sprucing up my do for the spring. I am proud to say that for two years now, I have not used chemical dyes or relaxers at all. It took some getting use to, but now I'm proud of my natural hair. ☺ But the color is quite bland and I'm ready for a little oomph. So I stopped at my local Walgreen's, picked out a basic pretty brown and planned to slap that sucker in before the weekend was over.

Two weeks later...

It still sits on my kitchen shelf. The box has fallen sadly to it's side, forgotten.

This morning as I brushed my hair back and applied one of my favorite headbands, I asked myself "why? And be honest!" Here's what I revealed to myself.

I want to dye my hair, but I will be truly sad to cover up my gray hair. I started getting them when I was 35 and I've always been proud of them and always seeking them out. It took a lot of work then, now it's a little easier. I shoe them to people still who look at me silly saying they barely see it. I think they're just being nice, because they don't realize I'm proud of them. They are, to me, a well earned crown of wisdom, growth and womanhood. I feel proud when I catch a glance of silver.

Now that I'm aware of how I'm feeling, I'm ready to dye my hair knowing that not only will they be there when it grows out but probably a few more! ��

Before and after pictures to come.

Many blessings
Anna ��

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Right now I'm....

It's Tuesday January 21st 2014.

It has been a long time.

I'm still a mom of 2 amazing women.

I'm still a grandmother to a remarkable little girl.

I'm still crazy in love happily married to my childhood sweetheart.

I'm still quite Pagan ... maybe a little more Agnostic than before, but Pagan none the less.

I've lost a friend and her son in a tragic and horrific double homicide and suicide.

Reading the Divergent series but just finished Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston and it was goooddd... it's the first of a series they just started so now I must wait. But while I wait I will continue with Divergent.

Wishing I could sit and crochet like I use to, my hands aren't as capable as they use to be.

My Hypermobility is kicking my arse in so many ways. I'm trying different things on top of the meds I'm on. Including, Physical Therapy, Walk-Fit exercise DVDs and dieting to lose excess weight. I think it's making a difference. I'm a grandma who wants very much to be able to play and chase after my grandchildren for many many years to come. I'm 41 years old and my doctor says my joints are of a 60 year old. :-(

Currently I am reguarly writing letters to 2 people in jail. One a close friend and the other a close family member. It's becoming more and more my norm, but still odd. It always seemed that would be what other people do. It's important to me to be a good friend to both in writing and keeping communication open so that they feel they have connections outside. It's so easy to go on about your day to day and forget they aren't able to do that.

Life continues and I try to just relax, enjoy, learn and grow with as little drama and stress as possible. I truly feel I've pretty much mastered this and though I again need to get my meditation schedule back on a daily occurence, I'm very happy.

I miss blogging
sharing my life with pretty much just me and a friend or two
but it feels good to let it out
to share
and maybe, once in a while get some input.

enjoy your day