Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Self Love Challenge

Hola! Can you believe it? I surely can't, but I am back!! How much I've missed this.

My oldest daughter has started a 30-day Self Love Challenge. Each day we're given a new "assignment" if you will to help us grow and awaken to being not only comfortable in our own skin, but to love the skin we're in. So this event inspired me to return to my blog. Of course it started last week, so I'm catching up. No surprise there...but who cares, right?

Day 1 we focused on journaling what we are greatful for. Which emphasized physical and mental preparation. Setting the ambiance with candles, incense, maybe soft music, whatever gives you a relaxing space to meditate on what you are thankful for. What was I thankful for? Hmmm I will grab my journal page now.

1. Ryu's purring. He's a quiet kitty most of the time, not as vocal as my past kitties. Lately he will meow to get our attention in the evening! Most important, he climbs into bed with us at night, lays down next to my husband (his favorite person) and purrs loudly. How much I've missed that sound. Thank you kitty!

2. A coworker informed me that a customer I adore and miss due to illness that has kept them home for at least a year, came in when I wasn't working to mail a package. So the joy of knowing she's up and out and feeling well enough to do what she loves again just makes my heart soar!

3. On Fat Tuesday a local BBQ restaurant featured a Pork Paczki sammich!!! AAAHHHH my brain exploded!!! It was Scrum-deli-umptious!! Oh the drool.

4. OK so a package started leaking at work and we had to open it and clean up the floor etc. It was a gallon jug of molasses and it got all over my hands. I kinda liked it more than I should have. The smell was intoxicating (I love molasses cookies) and I always found messiness fun. :-)

5. My daughters both stopped by to pick up their Valentine's day gifts for both of them and all 3 of my amazing grandchildren. I love seeing their faces, talking to them, and giving them stuff!!!

6. How cute I was all day. I love me. I think I'm down right cute!

7. BIG ONE COMING: My husband went to see a musical with me! I gave him the option of leaving at intermission if he felt as if he was going to gouge his eyes out and cut off his ears. To my surprise, he was enjoying himself. Of course I am sure that part of the reason he could tolerate this performance, is due to the fact that it featured the music of Gloria Estefan and told her life story in a jukebox kind of way. Either way I was able to stay and sing and dance and clap through the entire performance and it was one of my favorite nights ever!

8. Finally...My horde of pillows and "Linus" blanket. The pillows provide all of the support and adjustments a hypermobile body needs to stave off dislocations during sleep. The blanket is just a comforting item that helps me fall asleep.

Phew! It's so good to see so many wonderful experiences in just one day. Writing them out gives me a place to look to for reference during tough times. Managing constant pain and fatigue gets tricky. Thank goodness for not only this challenge that by the way uses the hashtag #drunkmirandasselflovechallenge that I'm sure you could find some fun posts on Facebook, Instagram, and maybe even Twitter, I haven't checked. This challenge is a daily if not an all day reminder of how important it is and how good it feels to treat yourself with kindness and adoration.

I hope all are well and if you have the opportunity, find a group, a book, an article, a friend heck any avenue there is to help put you on the path of self love. Even if you feel that you are doing the work of self love, check yourself, take inventory and make sure you are. Accountability!!

Many blessings