Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If I had a nickel every time...

I stated I wish I didn't have to work, I wouldn't have to work.

My job is not a difficult one and it pays well. But it's very physical and does a doozie on my joints and if someone calls in, you're screwed. I miss being able to work a set unchanging schedule with no consequences if someone doesn't come into work and no guilt if you can't make it in. Also I actually enjoy my co-workers and the customers 90% of the time which based on what I hear/read of a lot of people and their job experiences I'm pretty lucky!

Our children are adults now living their own lives and not needing our constant care/guidance. Which usually means a mom wants to get a job, maybe volunteer, etc etc... I don't. I would rather stay home. Redecorate, read books, garden, cook, play my violin, craft... enjoy time with my husband :-) Now the question is, how do I make that happen? With the current state of the postal service I can't say I feel 100% comfortable with my job's future.

Well with all of that out of my system I will continue showing up at work as expected Monday - Saturday with a smile and pain meds in my purse. Hopefully someday I will work out the specifics, or find a new appreciation for my new life as an empty nester.

Peace and love to you all

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