Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Coffee appreciation

Last night I slept over my daughter's house while she was at work, with her daughters. A task I don't mind, but rarely get to do due to my work schedule. Usually their father is their.

In the morning she had an important appointment to keep. So I got the oldest ready for school (she's 5) and made her cinnamon pancakes per her request while the baby was luckily still asleep.

As we were finishing up the morning routine now with her little sister joining in, my daughter called to let me know she was already finished and on her way back home. She had stopped at a Biggby and needed to know what I would like. I told her my coffee needs, and went back to making sure my granddaughter was dressed.

When my daughter arrived, she only had 1 cup in her hand. I immediately assumed she left one on the table or in her vehicle. When I asked her where the rest was, she informed me that she only bought my coffee as a thank you because I do so much for her.

I held back tears. It really touched my heart that she thought of me and wanted to show her gratitude. To me, it's just what family do. We do for each other because sometimes family is all we got.
My daughters are my best friends and I can't think of no better way to stress out, rush around, or worry than for them and the grandchildren. It's a joy.

I gladly accept the challenge.

Goodnight y'all
Anna 😴

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