Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Good Thursday morning :) last night I went to bed about 2:30am knowing I would be able to "sleep in" til 7am. With my joints being so loose all over, when lying down they slip out of place. So the longer I lay there, the more painful my morning is though taking my meds before & strategic pillow placement does help.

Working a traditional "9 to 5 (actually about 5:30 or 6)" at the post office & I'm not looking forward to it, I'm sure to lose steam as the day goes purely out of pain & boredom. I can't wait to devote more of my time & life Midwifery <3

Prayerfully my hubby will take over dinner. Of course I will text him a hint.

Tomorrow I'm thinking off making home made refried beans & chicken/cheese enchiladas will post pics/recipe as I go along!

Light & Love
Me :)

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