Monday, January 30, 2012

reading reading reading and taking notes

Currently reading Hearts and Hands which is required reading/studying in my midwifery program. I'm knee deep right now in learning about lab work, technical terms and what to look out for as well as exercise and nutrition. It's not as exciting as the last chapter on baby positions and measuring, but I'm excited to return to the world of "schooling"

Following a zillion sites on face book, stumbling and pinteresting birth as well as twitter and blogs. I'm starting to live and breathe birth, and it's WONDERFUL! I can't wait to be able to get active in the birth community helping women have the birth experience THEY want :-) 

Trying to decide if gardening is in my future for this year. with work and school I'm thinking either join a local CSA, or rely on local farms and farming markets. In the spring/summer it's so easy to fully count on them for all of our nutritional needs, but it becomes more difficult in the winter. Should take on learning how to can and store up for the winter months. That sounds tiring and confusing...already starting to talk myself out of it, lol.

Made my hubby watch Breaking Dawn part 1 like all other Twilight movies he pretended to like it to get on my good side :-) I don't mind playing up on that, he doesn't hurt my feelings. I'm just glad he sat through it, I sit through a lot of his choices and I almost feel bad when I catch myself nodding off and even a little worse when he catches me. But it's that lovely marriage give and take dance the 2 of us do so well. I am so blessed with such a wonderful partner. Now to trick him into having dinner ready when I work late, any suggestions? Hell I wouldn't mind if he bought it and presented it on paper plates!

ok I've babbled long enough
I hope all are well

we are working through the anniversary of the tragic accident and death of 3 wonderful young people including my nephew (not by blood but his mom and I are that close we consider ourselves sisters). Last night I could not sleep and stayed up in bed playing on my phone on facebook and twitter. His mom saw me and we just talked and talked. Last night (early am) was the anniversary of the actual accident when she called me on her way to the hospital and told me to get there she needed me. :-( I miss him so much.

peace and love
me <3

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