Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finding common ground

Hello and good Thursday.

It's a scorcher around these parts, hit 102 degrees F so I've only been outside to go to and from buildings to vehicles. My personal vehicle does not have air conditioning in it, so it remained parked for the majority of the day.

Have been battling a migraine for the past few days which I'm new at. I don't know if it's OK to take the Advil Migraine medicine along with my tramadol and muscle relaxer. But when the pain gets bad enough I just do it so that I can work and function. My life doesn't come to a stand still, I haven't allowed myself the luxury of locking myself in my room to recuperate. Mainly because I just don't know how this migraine business works. I must say I do not like nor understand the nausea that comes with it.

As most know I am African American and Pagan. Which where I live I've met 2 other people who are the same and I never see them at any gatherings or events. I would love very much to meet others and to learn about how they came to their beliefs etc. Luckily thanks to StumbleUpon I found a blog called Black Pagan which lead me through his posts to two other blogs: Black Witch and The Life of an African American Wiccan. I am excited to learn about and from others who may have some understandings based on upbringing and life experiences my experiences. It is difficult at times being mostly in the broom-closet as family is concerned. Family meaning not my DH, our children or my MIL who all know and are like minded themselves. 

Often I find that I am disheartened at the lack of African-American representation in most anything I find online or in New Age stores. I would love to see depictions of faeries with brown skin as well as other beings. Of course there are many Gods and Goddesses with Oya being my favorite represented. The need to see a likeness, to recognize features that are dominant in my world is important I feel. 

I don't say this to say I have problems with any depictions of any God, Goddess or magickal being in any other ethnic representation. I love celebrating  Mother Earth, the Universe and the Spirit that is Love that guides and supports us all. I love the differences as well the common aspects of all and am thankful that I am on the path I am on today. Maybe it's a lesson I need to work on. To seek out and learn more about the Pagan cultures of different ethnicity that I feel I am lacking information in. 

That was easy to come to.

It's always nice to type it out here, wrap my brain around it and then hash it out. Of course I truly appreciate all feedback and thank you readers.

in peace and love

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Lilith said...

Migraines suck! When I get them, the only thing I can do is take 3 advil, get a cool wash cloth and lock myself in a dark and quiet room with the fan on.