Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello and Merry Monday to you all!

Brrr... it's chilly around here, Fall is tip-toeing in and I couldn't be more happier! It's a revival for my soul. The crisp days and nights, fall leaves/colors, pumpkins, apples, baking, cider, sweaters and cuddling to stay warm on the couch with my honey <3

Was able to get my daughter schooling paid and signed up and she's going to have a difficult six weeks being a single mommy. Classes are Monday-Friday 8am-2:30pm and some days she will work 5:30pm-10pm afterwards. Those six weeks also include her clinicals and testing. But I told her just make it through the six weeks lean on family as much as possible we're prepared and willing and she will reap great rewards once finished and she finds that new job! A very good friend of her's Mother is a supervisor (I'm not sure what unit) at a local hospital and told her to contact her once she's finished! So I have high hopes and am very excited for the path she's going down.

Sunday we went to my Father's home to celebrate September birthdays. He grilled up some yummies and made delicious sides :-) My mom came and my aunt which was nice. I love that even though our parents are divorced (now 13 years) we still can gather as a family including my stepmom and 1/2 siblings (I don't use that term because they are just my siblings to me, but just to clarify the situation). Though I think it difficult for those of us who grew up in the house and my mom to see some areas of the house in what we consider a mess. I guess it's up to who you are and how you see it. My stepmom is a hoarder and unfortunately it has taken over the once beautiful formal dining room we grew up with and you can't get in it at all. So we just pretend to not notice as we don't live there anymore and that's between her and my father. But we had a blast and sang and ate cupcakes and laughed laughed laughed. The only mistake I made was the trampoline which at the time I loved loved loved! But a person with my joint condition should NEVER trampoline jump and I'm STILL paying for it (ouch!!) oh well I'm still actually considering getting one for our backyard.

Came home watched my shows last night: Long Island Medium and Real Housewives of New Jersey (no I'm  not ashamed of my love for reality shows). Went to bed and did not sleep AT ALL!! O_o which totally sucked.

Went to work was BURIED in mail (it was a hot mess for us today) but we worked our arse off and got it all done! My postmaster had to help out but that's ok, it's good for him. Until he complained about breaking 1-bead of sweat! (whatever). I found it terribly distressing that the coworker that chaffs my arse because she does NOT do her job pretty much 93% (no joke) of the time. She sees nothing through just work 1/2 done, 1/2 cleaned up and 1/2 worked in piles all over the damn place. I spent a portion of my morning cleaning up, going through and finishing her crap from last week! I've tried the complain, confront, alerting higher ups and mild threats. The mild threats kinda work for a week then ... back to the old. No one holds her to it, no one writes her up and if they do confront her she gets an attitude that they don't want to deal with. I swear they chock it up to her being moody and having adhd. I get it, she has meds, it's a choice I watch her make on a regular basis to NOT do her work, she knows eventually someone will do it, can't let mail just sit. It's irritating.

So now this week's agenda includes: a viewing in the man cave with my honey of Monty Python's Holy Grail! Probably a couple runs to our favorite movie theater, Brisk afternoon walks on the trails :-) crocheting mats for the local human society animal cages and Sunday we're going to the apple orchard!

peace and love to you all :-)


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