Friday, September 7, 2012

Life catch up and a-ha! moment :-)

It's Thursday Sept 6, 2012 and it's been a long while since I've visited my dear sweet blog. I often think of it and at times dream of running and typing up my rant of the moment. But I hesitate and get distracted by shiny things flittering by.

Today I'm sitting here because right now if it involves sitting, I'm in.

Woke up to a text from my coworker that she was not feeling well and will not be in to help me sort the mail from the trucks this morning. I felt a quiver of fear and concern and right before releasing a great big "dammit!" sigh. I sent her a text back telling her it was no prob, thanks for the heads up and get well soon. Quickly I got dressed, tried to brush my currently completely unruly hair (it really looked not much different than when I woke up), grabbed my bowl, spoon, 2packets of raisin n spice oatmeal and skidaddled to the post office. It's still dark as night at 4:30am around here and the town is fast asleep. It takes about 5 minutes (seriously) for what during the middle of the day takes 15 minutes to get there. Upon pulling into the parking lot, I thought I saw a raccoon lumber onto our dock and hurried out of the car to take an instagram (I'm obsessed) but upon closer look I realized it was a cute kitty that didn't allow me to get too close and my picture that was going to be titled "Postal Parking Lot Kitty" was more like "Fuzzy strange glowing eyes in the darkness" or "what the hell is that?" lol so it didn't make it as my 1st instagram of the day.

Our mail volume was the usual. So I took my pain meds, warmed up my oatmeal and cracked open a bottle of water. Put 99.1 Wfmk on the radio, turned on the ceiling fans, and got to work. Sweat pouring and singing/dancing around at a swift pace I was able to get it all done and was in fact ahead by the time the carriers started showing up 2 hours later. What I learned was that except for Mondays and days following holidays, I can do the mail sort all by myself (though it would seriously kill me physically because I am whipped!) and that the carriers can count on me to not hold them up in the event that the other morning clerk is unable to come to work and that feels good! :-)

After work I had some running to do. Picked up our oldest daughter, stopped at our house at my left over riblets from Applebee's from said daughter's birthday late night dinner with family the night before. Then we drove out to a mall where she just got a job with a portrait studio (yay my $$ on tuition for New York Institute of Photography is paying off as they were ecstatic at her knowledge and experience) to get paperwork finished (her car's out of commission at the moment) then they sent us back into town to our bank to get paperwork for direct deposit, went back to the mall (in between stopped for gas and hit up Grand Traverse Pie Co. for big-ass rice krispy treats - yum!), then to Biggby (coffee!!) and back home. It took all of the remainder of the morning and I'm already working on very little energy remaining. Wish I could stop and pump in energy like I do my car....hmmmm.

Once home got to work on the phone and computer to get information set up with a small loan from my bank (just 6months will pay off much earlier though) to help with tuition costs for our youngest daughter. Got it all squared away and ready to pick up tomorrow morning (yay!) then called the school and set up intake for after leaving bank tomorrow to get her signed up and her schooling starts in October!! I'm so so so very excited for both of our daughters they are phenomenal confident women and I truly enjoy just being a part of their world and adventures as they create and recreate their life paths. <3

Have been on grandbaby duty all week while youngest daughter works and will have her again this evening... I pray she hasn't had a nap and the 2 of us can go in my room, put on a boring movie or show, the fan and snooze away! But not before I run to pharmacy to get my meds refill and pick up a few items. Plus I need to change kitty litter boxes as my handsome hubby is still healing from a minor surgery he had last week and really shouldn't lift the heavy bags. Poor guy it's killing him, he hates not being able to do things himself and worse having me do it, which I don't mind, but he just loves to do things for me, take care of me. I'm truly blessed with this man! :-)

**Friday Sept 7 2012 (I was distracted and didn't finish, lol)

In other news. I've found my own little like-minded lil sisterhood tribe to gather with and I'm loving it. We're still in the very very very early stages of getting to know and trust each other but it comes easy with these women and I feel blessed.

I hope this will help me come out and trust people more I still struggle a LOT sharing with anyone other than my husband and daughters. It's my own fault that I don't have that super close girlfriend I crave because I'm just not in a place yet where I can feel comfortable trusting. I watched a wonderful episode of Super Soul Sunday on OWN (Oprah's network) for the Life Class show. She had Ilyana Vanzant on and they were discussing with the audience how and why women hurt each other. I have my entire life watched women whisper lie and gossip about each other behind the backs of their family and friends and I'm not saying I've never been a part of that because I have. But this show changed my perspective and woke me up to  the real problem that exists out there. Women need close bonds with other women. We still have close bonds with other women even though there's a lot of behind the scenes talking going on. I want to have a more authentic relationship with the women in my life. I think there's a lot of power in the bond and even more so if it's based on openness and honesty.

so the work begins

hope all are well
blessings of love and light


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Lilith said...

I love reading about your life!

Your daughters are an inspiration to everyone!