Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change." ~ Mary Shelley .. Frankenstein

Today nothing proved more true than the change in "furniture" on our mail sorting floor at work last night that the staff walked in on this morning. This change did not affect any of their personal working spaces, created larger space to maneuver about (a big complaint of said staff) when coming and going and made it easier for them to handle their equipment without having to roam about to retrieve certain items. The only person(s) that it did affect were myself and 3 other staff members who use the items that were moved around to sort out mail going to the other staff.

This did not however make any difference in their response. In fact a couple complained so much you would really think their personal work space was moved and changed (it wasn't). I tried remaining pleasant, showing how
much I enjoyed the breath of fresh air in the changes and tried reassuring them that not only was I aware of the changes, I was o.k. with them. Because in truth I love change, I thrive on it. Always have.

Eventually the "whining" got under my skin and I let them know how I felt about the "whining" as I interpreted it and explained why I'm happy about the move, how it helps me to serve them better getting their items to them in a timely matter as well as making it easier for them to function within the building. Of course I got still more "whining" and eventually the shrug of coerced agreement.

I understand that change is difficult for many if not most. I understand that their response is their's and their's alone and I mustn't judge or react to it. But I just felt a little bristly and annoyed and wanted to at least say my piece. I did leave it open that I'm completely ok with any suggestions and changes made as it is a work in process and tweaks are to be expected. I hope that my willingness to accept any changes and to continue to work happily along with them (which is my truth) will encourage others to maybe re-think their response and how they let such small things affect them so much.

Also it's important for me to remember I don't know their day to day life. What transpired last night, this morning or last week even that may put that person in a place that just doesn't allow them to accept one more change without a break of some sort. I am blessed and thankful that for me that is rarely the case and that I am open to going with the flow.

but still...give me a break! :-)

** I'm happy to return to blogging just to get my thoughts out and being able to return here and there to see where I've been and where I'm their growth? **

blessings and light
me :-)

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