Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tiring full moon


The fuzzy full moon photo was taken 5am this morning on my cell phone as I headed to work. I really need to purchase a decent camera with a lens attachment for the moon pics. But for now I'm happy to honor the moon as best I can. I'm so drawn to it, I simply must snap shots.

What followed was a very busy work day that completely wore me out. All I wanted to do was go home afterwards and nap or laze about. That didn't happen. Hubby, granddaughter and I took a 1 mile trail walk and stopped at a couple stores. Wore all of us completely out.

Today I learned how our society puts human value based on what you own and look like. The idea that it's completely acceptable to go into debt with loans/credit to own the recent car, t.v., shoes ... for others to see us in is pretty scary to me. I only allow debt in several cases: our mortgage, student loans and medical bills above our insurance. I desperately need an improved car, but the prospect of possibly needing financing and picking up a monthly bill is causing me considerable concern and worry. I'm hoping to find a used car I can buy out right cash, or pay off in less than 6 months. Fingers crossed.

Well that's about all my fingers can take posting from my phone. Now off to bed with my tummy full of sausage pizza and peach soda.

Goodnight, sweet dreams and blessed full moon.

Love and light
Me :-)

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Lilith said...

I think your picture is AWESOME!!