Thursday, September 1, 2011

My dream kitchen

It is time to take the horse by the reigns and find a way to slowly but surely transform my home that my family and I have lived in for going on 19 years now to my dream. My husband wants to move away and start in a new home. Which I kinda would agree to, but I also like that we're practically finished paying for this one and with both of our daughters now grown and only 1 left at home (planning on a move soon) I think we could make this house "our" (my ideas though, lol) own and just live here happily! So I'm thinking of starting with my kitchen which DESPERATELY needs an update.

My inspiration is 100% Practical Magic, now my kitchen is NOT that big but I think it would be cozy and beautiful in a smaller version, don't you?

I want to imitate the cabinetry possibly with the glass haven't decided yet, and the dark floor I don't think I could get planks that wide for a cheap price so I would go with the you install interlocking wood panels which my father just put in his kitchen so I know someone who would help me get it done!

I do NOT have that type of stove. Mine is a white more modern deal. I would need to put a vent over it and I think just use the cabinets over, and the tile (something like that) around! That too would take a "daddy please" help plea but I think I can get him to do it.

So there you go my wish for a magickal kitchen where I will be inspired to concoct and celebrate the hearth of our home! 

I believe in speaking in agreement what I want in life out loud and even here to put into motion in the universe.

What home dream projects do you have in mind? Please share and pictures or maybe you have already made your home dream projects come true!! Please share :-)

Light and Love 


Phoenix said...

Our house needs so much work it's not even funny. The main thing we need to do is fix the flooring. And then new EVERYTHING!

Anna said...

I hear ya we've NEVER replaced the flooring around here well once in the kitchen many years ago ... it's time!