Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When creating my day goes wrong

I started my day picturing it one way and well it took a whole other path. First work: It started as usual. Then a call from the main building telling us our mail would be late. Well the letter mail. Was 1 hour late (which is a lot) and I had 6 trays (12 feet) of letters to sort manually to the carriers. It's usually 2-4 trays and on Tuesday barely 2 trays. Needless to say my hands and shoulders were shot after that.

Came home and just wanted peace and quiet and maybe a few episodes of Game of Thrones along with last night's True Blood. But my daughters had other plans. Spent the day here making me laugh, making a mess and well making our day. We love them and love time spent but it definitely took away my rest and relaxation time. Thankful for how close we are but I tell you at times I just want those quiet moments.

I recognize the importance of being flexible and open to change. Change is the normal flow of life and it's pointless to fight it or fret over it. My stress levels are practically non-existent and peace is accomplished with just a few short breaths now that I get it. Simplicity is key. Don't over think all situations. Things are how they are because they are how they are. I'm good with that.

In other news I've lost all interest in cooking EVER, lol! Hubby and I have had over embellished delicious salads for dinner tonight. My daughter's kept asking "what are you cooking?" To which I replied "nothing." My oldest decided to join and made a huge salad and my youngest went home and picked up a pizza. See? Simple. I'm sure I will pick up the cooking bug again soon. I'm in the process of trying new recipes and changing up our meal rotations. It was more difficult with the tastes of both daughters to factor into meals. Now it's just us two old farts who love to eat just about anything or at least try anything. Only difference is he loves seafood and I despise it. Maybe he will have to build up his cooking skills where seafood is concerned.

It's late and my alarm goes off in less than 5 hours. Nothing new about that, because that's usually when I'm finally getting to bed. 4 hours of sleep allows me to get out of bed rather easy as opposed to 5 or more hours which puts me in a bad joint situation.

Peace and light to you all


A said...

I hear ya on the tired of cooking. That's why I bought a wok and rice steamer! Something different and probably WAY more healthy than the processed stuff we usually eat.

Anna said...

yes I have a wok and rice cooker. The rice cooker is a house favorite for years because we love rice and you can set it and forget it like the bread machine and slow cooker. :-) enjoy!