Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend off :-) yay!


Oh yes thanks to the new rotating Saturday's off I have a 2 day weekend! Woot-woot! So far I've done a lot of not much (amen to that). Watched several movies and series episodes on Netflix. That Netflix is a God-Send! Kinda sorta cleaned (yeah right). Hung out with my handsome loving hubby, my hilarious daughters and their friends, the grandbaby of my dreams!! Really she's amazing :-) Grandbaby and I watched part of a Deadmau5 concert on Netflix, had a mini-rave and she was awesome. She has impeccable rhythm/timing, loves music and singing. She was bouncing and dancing and added vocals to the beats. Grandma was quite proud. Next time I'll get us some glow stick bracelets and head bands, do it up right!

Saw Ted in Theaters today, it was raunchy, inappropriate and completely worth it! I'm not sure everyone in the theater were prepared for Seth MacFarlane's humor as I heard a lot of "what?" and "omg" type comments and snarks. Lighten up people. I guess it pays to at least KNOW what type of humor the person that made the movie has before you go see it. Because if you are easily offended, you too will huff and sigh in between uncomfortable giggles that slip out beyond your control.

Had a run on Ravelry finding fun possible crochet projects. Right now I started a pattern aptly called The Easiest Crochet Shawl Recipe :-) using a skein of leftover black yarn :-) I have a bunch more in my que but I am easily distracted when it comes to crochet projects so 1 at a time. I will post a picture of it when I'm finished! Oh and if you like yarn crafts and haven't joined Ravelry yet, what are you waiting for? Get on it! There is EVERYTHING and many many many FREE patterns!

I've also made a final decision on my next 2 tattoos! 1st I'm getting a shoulder cap or something like that. It will be a spread of Maple leaves my astrological tree and in the center a spiral goddess probably blue or purple I think. I'm so excited for this one! Next I really want a peace sign painted rainbow style on my back. That will bring me up to 6 tattoos. I have a few more I know I want for sure but am still working on the design.

I hope all are doing well and enjoying the weekend

Peace and Light to you all

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A said...

I was telling the hubby about it after my last visit up there and we are seriously thinking of getting it!